Welcome to Layered Living!


Layered living exists to share my own layers with the world in hopes that my readers walk away inspired and encouraged to develop and nurture their own layers. What do I mean by layers?  Areas of importance in my life such as faith, the full spectrum of health and wellness, natural living, reflection, and living essentially.  Each layer needs the other.  We all need to be reminded that much of who we are begins with our roots, things unseen, and the process of developing and nourishing those layers of importance in our lives that contribute to the lovely growth we all see. It’s not just about the established tree, but the magnitude of the precious sprout.  My goal is for this to be a positive blog to give back to you.  Even if it means helping one person, it’s worth it.  I want you to walk away impacted directly or indirectly from the content. I rest in knowing it will reach who it needs to reach and in the way it needs to reach them.  
Layered Living isn’t trying to define your layers by implying you have to replicate mine.  It is being true to mine and sharing them with you. It doesn’t have all the right and perfect answers. It does share insights into things that are important to me and have worked for me. It isn’t perfect and doesn’t have all the ‘boxes checked’ for what a blog should look like and be.  It is an imperfect blog in motion learning as I go and making it my own. It doesn’t have a team or company creating or doing it all for me (with the exception of tools such as the hosting service and publishing platform).  It’s simply me investing the time to build this blog, while having a corporate job and through the demands of life, learning about foreign and daunting concepts like plug-ins little by little. It doesn’t presume to be an expert on any of the subject matters; rather, a forever student applying it all to the layers of my life. It’s trusting God with the experiences He’s given me. It isn’t a finished project, but an evolving one working it out as I go. It isn’t a dream or goal just thought and talked about, but finally one pursued. It isn’t about the flashiness of its content, but the heart that went into it.
Paradoxically, the essence of Layered Living reflects what I’m hoping to inspire in my readers. It’s my most exposed layer to date!  It’s moving forward acting upon a passion and strengths without having all the answers. Moving while still having plenty of fears and insecurities. Moving and not continuing to hold myself back in the learning and preparing mode.  It’s still having much to learn, but acting on what I know up to this point.  It’s starting not knowing where this will take me – but starting. It’s knowing there are tons of blogs and information out there, but accepting there is a place for me.
Creating this blog is developing yet another layer and I invite you to come along this journey, to be an active participant in the developing part of this layer. Most of my layers have been developed on a much smaller scale. This one – a much larger scale – the world!  It took a lot to get to this point – much time, learning, and research. And many tears. Also, honestly, much holding back as it’s a very big task pulling a lot out of me in many ways.  My fears and analytical mind wants me to not burst through and open up to the world. But this world and you deserve my vulnerability that wouldn’t be obtained if I stayed hidden, comfortable, and safe. The very essence of this blog will be accountability for myself, continuing to nurture all the areas of my life however long I am to be on this earth.
Please connect with me whether on social media, my blog, or e-mail.  I would love to hear from you!
Join me in #layeredliving.