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Brittinni Condon

My Alcohol Free Journey

This post may include affiliate links. Visit our Disclosure Policy & Disclaimer page for full disclosure. The purpose of this post is to pay tribute to and celebrate my alcohol free journey and to provide encouragement and resources for anyone who would like to explore their relationship with alcohol. The…

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To Sit At His Feet: Reading Through the Whole Bible

I’ve owned Bibles. I’ve referenced them when a pastor had us turn to a particular passage. They’ve been a resource for Bible studies and academia. They’ve been read to me. I’ve read various passages and have studied individual books. But…

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The Privilege Of Being Uncomfortable

The privilege of being uncomfortable: The opportunity to not regress, but progress to new levels of growth and faith, gaining now and for the future.  To follow and share…

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The Process Of Prayer

The process of prayer for me has taken a turn. Similarly to going through what I shared about song and worship, equal humbling and development is being unlocked through the process of prayer, shifting from being solely fixated on the prayer item, goal, or destination itself to also valuing the…

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Our Adulting Needs Jesus

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?"  -Mark 8:36- What good is it to gain all things adulting, yet neglect the most important decision and gift of all? Our adulting needs continued spiritual growth. The quest shifts beyond just meeting life goals and navigating life chapters, pointing to and living for ourselves, to living as a light with purpose through life goals and chapters, growing closer and pointing others to the answer for hope and life. All the details of our precious life need a woven in Jesus.
Brittinni Bailey

Homemade Deodorizer Spray

Wouldn’t you rather have a homemade deodorizer spray on hand that not only smells amazing, but also delivers protective properties within the air of your home? One that doesn’t just mask odors, but actually neutralizes them? One that doesn’t leave you at the mercy…

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Activation Of Song: The 4 Ps

What would happen in our life if we not only experienced the words of song, but the activation of song? The following lessons come from a place of struggle and being humbled taking my understanding and approach to worship, in terms of song and music, to a deeper level and…

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Thanks 2017

Thanks, 2017, 2018 needed you!  This serves as a gratitude post for my beginnings; for my readers, followers, and supporters, both online and offline; for fellow bloggers and writers; and for some lessons experienced as God walks me through this journey. My hope is you pull a takeaway for your…

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Freedom In The Journey

Our layers are as good and nourished as the various things pouring into them. Encouragement from a dear friend is just that: Remember YOU and your happiness. Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about what everyone else thinks or is doing and forget or neglect our own desires…

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In And Out Of Seasons

You don’t have to complete a journey or season to have a testimony. You can have one while walking the journey and living out the season. There’s value and opportunity in the stage you’re in, not just when it’s over. To follow…

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