The Good In Hard

"Everyone deals with hard stuff. God knows the hard we will encounter. Through it, He creates the us He desires and brings about His best for us."
Brittinni Bailey

Social Media Detox

It doesn’t take long to find detox suggestions for health reasons. Restoring and resetting our health makes sense and is a good thing. Why not extend the detox or reset to other areas of life like a social media detox or a digital detox? What do we have to lose?  Or better yet, what can we possibly gain?   What if those very things about social media that are important to us need less of us or a different us in order to get the best of us?   Detoxes and resets both take and give things in…

More Than Words On A Page

I invited you to share in this blog journey, which involves sharing real, blog-life experiences, revealing there’s much more to it than just words on a page. It’s what I’m living and breathing. The frequency of my posts, obstacles, and learning to merge this new blog layer with all other layers are some examples. Perhaps you can relate, substituting yourself and your details as you read along. I’ve not been incredibly frequent with posting and there’s been gaps of delay. There’s much backend work with various topics…

Homemade Laundry Soap

I thoroughly enjoy cleaning – except for putting away laundry.  I’d rather mop or clean the toilet. So sometimes, admittedly, a clean pile sits patiently and travels to the bed and then back in the basket, so I can sleep, and then back on the bed before it gets put away.  My cat has no complaints about ‘his’ fun and happy pile.  Guess that’s a perk.  While I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy putting away laundry, I’ve found it helpful to tackle a least exciting task first to…

That Special Plant

As with animals, it’s hard to choose the pick-of-the-seedling.  I love and want them all.  One special plant in particular means a little extra to me.  Plants are one of those simple things in our midst that not only contribute to beauty and health in our home, but also love and joy that can easily go unnoticed or become forgotten.   It’s a health decision to improve indoor air quality; promote a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere; de-stress our home; help reduce background noise; and remove toxins from our home.  They become part of…

Moving Past Stuck

"When I stare at failure, I'll fear it. I'll convince myself it's the worst thing that could happen. And I'll stay stuck. But when I stare at all the possible ways God can use this whether I succeed or fail, I'll face my decision. I'll convince myself that it's better to step out and find out than to stay stuck."
Lysa TerKeurst

Finally Live

Here I am – finally live and active!  Definitely an appropriate first blog post.  

Tears flooded my eyes when I turned the website “on” and was no longer behind “under construction”.  More tears fill my eyes now as I type this first post.

This process was years in the making.  What I mean by that is I’ve had a life-long dream to write.  I dreamed about writing a book, but didn’t feel that was the direction I needed to go yet nor did I think I was ready for the task.  Things got rerouted to contemplating a blog…