To Sit At His Feet: Reading Through the Whole Bible

I’ve owned Bibles. I’ve referenced them when a pastor had us turn to a particular passage. They’ve been a resource for Bible studies and academia. They’ve been read to me. I’ve read various passages and have studied individual books. But truth be told, despite this familiarity and these still purposeful interactions and exposures, I’ve never read through the whole Bible for myself. Can you relate?  Maybe, similarly to me, you feel the nudge to read through the Bible. You sense there is something to be gained and that your life needs this regular connection.  You’re curious, skeptical, nervous, and eager all at the same time. Perhaps you don’t know how or where to begin. Or don’t think you have time. Maybe you started this once before, but need to pick it up again. You long for a deeper and closer connection with God and have prayers and hopes to take your faith and relationship with Him to a new level. You desire to get back to a simple faith, having been bombarded with life’s challenges and demands. You know your…

The Process Of Prayer

The process of prayer for me has taken a turn. Similarly to going through what I shared about song and worship, equal humbling and development is being unlocked through the process of prayer, shifting from being solely fixated on the prayer item, goal, or destination itself to also valuing the process. I’m thankful for the contrast of experiences that can lead to newfound need, understanding, trust, and appreciation. Meaning, on one side of things, in terms of prayer, I’ve experienced going through the motions. Not praying at all. Doubted it was even doing anything. Struggled with the effort while not always seeing anything change. Left it to last resort or just during tough times. Walked away from it. Prioritized self. Expected only what I could make sense of or made time for it and believe in what could be accomplished as long as everything was agreeable to me. On the other side, I’ve received tons of fresh revelations and rewiring over time showing purpose and beauty to live anew that I will be sharing in this post. By no means is this a one-and-done arrived state; rather, it’s continuing to…

Our Adulting Needs Jesus

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?"  -Mark 8:36- What good is it to gain all things adulting, yet neglect the most important decision and gift of all? Our adulting needs continued spiritual growth. The quest shifts beyond just meeting life goals and navigating life chapters, pointing to and living for ourselves, to living as a light with purpose through life goals and chapters, growing closer and pointing others to the answer for hope and life. All the details of our precious life need a woven in Jesus.
Brittinni Bailey

Activation Of Song: The 4 Ps

What would happen in our life if we not only experienced the words of song, but the activation of song? The following lessons come from a place of struggle and being humbled taking my understanding and approach to worship, in terms of song and music, to a deeper level and unlocking the 4 Ps: Pathway, Position, Posture, and Power.  I’ve gone through the motions. Did the good deed. Enjoyed and participated as long as I was happy. Left it to last resort. Acknowledged words while fighting change. Connected and expressed yet prioritized self. When I discovered I struggled with anxiety, accompanied by offshoots of control, worry, and fear, it humbled me. I couldn’t help but acknowledge what was working and not working. It exposed the many areas of life where it can show up. It opened me to the offer and gift that was on the table. Being in such a sensitive spot, I knew I needed to eliminate things that were not helping my heart, mind, and ultimately my faith and instead flood it even more with things that would. Little did I know that would serve as one critical link for processing the anxiety…

In And Out Of Seasons

You don’t have to complete a journey or season to have a testimony. You can have one while walking the journey and living out the season. There’s value and opportunity in the stage you’re in, not just when it’s over…

The Good In Hard

"Everyone deals with hard stuff. God knows the hard we will encounter. Through it, He creates the us He desires and brings about His best for us."
Brittinni Bailey

Social Media Detox

It doesn’t take long to find detox suggestions for health reasons. Restoring and resetting our health makes sense and is a good thing. Why not extend the detox or reset to other areas of life like a social media detox or a digital detox? What do we have to lose?  Or better yet, what can we possibly gain?   What if those very things about social media that are important to us need less of us or a different us in order to get the best of us?   Detoxes and resets both take and give things in return. They can apply to numerous areas of life. They can test things out, improve our well being, and bring perspective on what’s working or not working allowing us to live and function better. The removal or limitation of something can often wake up perspectives, shake up conditions and habits, and mix up various inputs and influences.  The truth is I’ve struggled with social media. Lots of times I’ve not liked who I was or what was stirring within me while using it. It didn’t contribute to the change I was desiring…

Moving Past Stuck

"When I stare at failure, I'll fear it. I'll convince myself it's the worst thing that could happen. And I'll stay stuck. But when I stare at all the possible ways God can use this whether I succeed or fail, I'll face my decision. I'll convince myself that it's better to step out and find out than to stay stuck."
Lysa TerKeurst