The Privilege Of Being Uncomfortable

The privilege of being uncomfortable: The opportunity to not regress, but progress to new levels of growth and faith, gaining now and for the future.    To follow and share…

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Thanks 2017

Thanks, 2017, 2018 needed you!  This serves as a gratitude post for my beginnings; for my readers, followers, and supporters, both online and offline; for fellow bloggers and writers; and for some lessons experienced as God walks me through this journey. My hope is you pull a takeaway for your life and your endeavors.   Thank you, support system. Your various messages, feedback, and encouragement fuels my tank. Thank you for reading along and supporting me. Thank you for passing along content that could help someone else. Thank you for being an active participant on the blog by commenting and sharing…

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Freedom In The Journey

Our layers are as good and nourished as the various things pouring into them. Encouragement from a dear friend is just that: Remember YOU and your happiness. Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about what everyone else thinks or is doing and forget or neglect our own desires, needs, and goals.  Very true. There’s freedom in the journey. We only get one shot at this life – in work, in play, in love, in faith, in dreams, and in health. Our personal choices matter. Make them count. Everyone gets this opportunity to live these things out…

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More Than Words On A Page

I invited you to share in this blog journey, which involves sharing real, blog-life experiences, revealing there’s much more to it than just words on a page. It’s what I’m living and breathing. The frequency of my posts, obstacles, and learning to merge this new blog layer with all other layers are some examples. Perhaps you can relate, substituting yourself and your details as you read along. I’ve not been incredibly frequent with posting and there’s been gaps of delay. There’s much backend work with various topics…

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Finally Live

Here I am – finally live and active!  Definitely an appropriate first blog post.  

Tears flooded my eyes when I turned the website “on” and was no longer behind “under construction”.  More tears fill my eyes now as I type this first post.

This process was years in the making.  What I mean by that is I’ve had a life-long dream to write.  I dreamed about writing a book, but didn’t feel that was the direction I needed to go yet nor did I think I was ready for the task.  Things got rerouted to contemplating a blog…

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