First off, I encourage you to look up the ingredients on the back of labels for things used in your home. Dig into indoor air pollution being worse than the outdoors.  Research the health effects of indoor toxins.  Check out what is meant by “fragrance” on a label. Then consider the history of essential oils – plenty of use presently and quite the legacy, spanning back to ancient times. I’ve used essential oils a while from random stores and places like Amazon. Over time, through experience and after much research, I’ve come to settle on a certain source. 

Why Essential Oils Make Sense:

  • In caring about health, such as the food I eat, it makes total sense I would extend that care, openness, and appreciation to the health of my home – such as products I use in my home for cleaning and what I put on my skin. It compliments my wellness lifestyle providing support for body, home, emotion, and mental side of things. Essential oils cover a lot of ground.
  • Knowing nothing will make us invincible or be a perfect solution, I have realistic expectations. I do value how oils have improved areas of my life and for so many others. I also appreciate the peace of mind contributing to a less toxic home.  I value doing my part adjusting things to work in favor of wellness verses working against it. 
  • Within my realm of control, I strive to support healthier living.  It makes sense to do my part to help myself and my loved ones. It’s not going for perfection, but realizing even slight modifications can go a long way.
  • There’s freedom and joy using them how I want. One oil, such as lavender, has so many uses. I can use it to support sleep, to help with skin discomforts, find relief from bug bites, put it in face serum, replace air freshener, plug-ins, etc. The essentialist in me appreciates that.  Not only am I getting a non-toxic alternative, but also a single product with many uses that saves time, money, and stress.
  • In buying cleaning products, face products, laundry soap, bug sprays, etc., it makes sense to narrow down those products and choose a clean alternative by using or making products that also last longer. For example, one cost-effective cleaning solution, that lasts for months, covers basically all my cleaning.  Think no more.  
  •  DIYing cleaner products that have a longer and cheaper lifespan than store alternatives is simply a fun and rewarding hobby. My homemade laundry soap and dishwasher soap are a couple of my favorites. 
  • It’s using 100% organic and pure oils from Young Living’s farms all over the world.  I want to use oils of high quality, the real deal, the actual plant, and not merely scented or combined with chemicals. Defeats the whole point of using them in the first place. I value supporting this company who owns their own continually-expanding farms all over the world, gives back to and supports the community, and shares their ‘seed to seal’ process – which you can experience personally by visiting their farms. 
  • Redirecting spending from chemical-ridden stuff to natural alternatives is pretty neat in itself. Plus, getting 24% off all purchases and free oils and discounts, investing back in me and my home even more is pretty stellar.  When do mainstream stores do that?
  • I avoid going to stores narrowing down my products and am more minimalist and living essentially with what I have – bonus!
  • It’s opened my world to further awareness and learning. There’s plenty of simple resources to help along the way to include apps, blogs, books, Facebook pages, and booklets explaining oils and how to use them.
  • I’ve jumpstarted my oil collection with a kit and continue to build my ‘oil lab’ little by little.
  • There’s just something amazing about taking advantage of and knowing you’re using God’s creation. Oils are mentioned over 600 times directly or indirectly in Scripture.  


Essential Oils Layer

Maybe this also makes total sense to you and you’d like to explore the oily world and start making some simple changes.  Here is an option for you.

I began with a Premium Starter kit which gave me 11 everyday oils, a diffuser, some roller balls, and other sample items. You can jump into this oily world and become a member, which simply means earning 24% off anything you choose to purchase going forward and getting an awesome deal of a kit. 

Take a look at one example! 

Start Your Own Oily Layer!

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