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I’ve been asked about the logo design, so here’s a bit about its birth.  I’m very proud of it as it reflects the vision of Layered Living perfectly.  My aim was for the logo to be inviting and relatable and not only reflect me – but my readers, too.  


The Roots

I wanted the emphasis to be on the roots.  Who we are stems from our root system, those things unseen that contribute to the growth we all see.  Our roots and foundations function to keep what is seen nourished and alive.  This could be people, experiences, mistakes, successes, hobbies, passions, vocations, traditions, faith, and the intangibles. Highlighting the roots emphasizes the beauty and necessity of different stages of development.  It represents decay and rebirth.  All of it matters.  Without it, we may not have today’s wisdom or have taken action.  We may not have depended on our network in our lives a little more deeply or have had our faith strengthened as a result. We never stop needing our roots.

It seems there’s an overemphasis on the flashiness of what is seen and an underemphasis on what is unseen.  The logo is meant to emphasize the opposite. It’s those daily commitments such as following through with things to each other and to ourselves that not only strengthens our root system but pours life into it.  Everything on stage depends on everything behind the scenes.


The Sprout

Notice it’s a sprout and not a tree.  The size and style was designed to be small and simple.  It’s not about the magnitude of the tree, but the preciousness of the sprout.  The sprout needs its external elements both below the surface and above the surface. The tree has to start somewhere. This blog had to start somewhere.  Relationships, a new commitment, life change has to start somewhere.  It is easy to get caught up in the branches of everyone else’s trees and in the process lose sight of our own. It is equally tempting to compare our sprout to another’s tree. The logo is about embracing our sprout, finding beauty in it, and being patient with the timeline of its growth.  


The Layered Gradient & Colors

The layered gradient is a play off the name of the blog.  Even though there is distinction among our layers, they are all connected.  I also wanted the colors to be inviting and clean and they meet that criteria.  A splash of green becomes just enough to feature the sprout in a lovely and tasteful way.  


Thank you, 99 Designs.

I found a stellar avenue where freelance designers compete by pitching their designs to you and you select a winner with whom you fine-tune the design. You get all the files and even the copyright!  My experience with 99 Designs was wonderful. Whether you’re a newbie like me or an established company, there’s a place for you.  The process was straightforward and structured.  That hit home since I like structure, but also because this was one more exhilarating – yet intimating – aspect to launching this dream.

It was fun and all-around reasonable regardless your starting point or perimeters, and the credentials and recommendations held true.

I pitched my vision and what I was looking for in a logo.  I provided some example pictures.  The designer I chose was phenomenal.  He pretty much landed the design on the first draft.  In the final stages, we adjusted the font, colors, the gradient, and the contrasting emphasis of the roots and sprout.

It was so fun and exciting to see my design come to life!  Definitely one of those big-girl experiences – just adding to the layers.



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  1. Edith | 18th Aug 17

    This makes a lot of sense and it captures the essence of your blog’s name. I pray abundant fruit for your ministry through the blog and elsewhere plus God’s continued presence and favour upon your family in Jesus’ name.

    • Brittinni Bailey | 19th Aug 17

      Thank you for your thoughts and spiritual perspective, Edith! I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Lori | 18th Aug 17

    I’ve had great experiences with 99 Designs also – it’s an exciting process to first describe what you’re hoping for, and then (for us, anyway) realize we need to be more detailed. Thank you for breaking down your thoughts so well. It’s a beautiful description I wish I could have read before we began so I’d have it as an example of how to explain what we wanted!

    • Brittinni Bailey | 19th Aug 17

      Hi Lori! Glad you’ve had good experiences with 99 Designs, too! Thank you for your encouragement.

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