A glimpse of the everyday me…

In typical passion and excitement, I’m known to stomp my feet, grab an arm, and lovingly and enthusiastically punch.

My day must begin with coffee – my immediate reward for getting out of bed.  

Although I’m a morning person, my mind and heart need gas, so plugging into a read allows just that and my day is better for it.

I’m in a long-term relationship with chips and salsa. 

My body and health need movement. Working out at home is where it’s at for me, avoiding a gym membership and doing what I love.  ‘Freedom in health’ is one of my mantras.

Every day needs tea time. It would appear I’m on a liquid diet with all the various drinks I down all day long.

Evenings are a work in progress learning to unwind and unplug from all the noise and blue light.  

Words move me over numbers. I may from time to time collide words and create my own.

My hands tend to be full whether it’s a notepad in one or a blender bottle, water bottle, coffee mug, or wine glass in the other.  

Being barefoot, especially in grass, immediately enhances my mood for the better.

I’m reflecting more times than not, learning daily to embrace me and not shut myself down.  

Tapping into my alternate voice is a must –  breaks up the mundane and makes situations that much more fun and exciting.

Researching and finding solutions is part of what I call fun.

Trees and mountains have my heart. 

Time alone recharges me.  

From what I can gather, I’m an ambivert.  

God is constantly on my mind.