Our Adulting Needs Jesus

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?"  -Mark 8:36- What good is it to gain all things adulting, yet neglect the most important decision and gift of all? Our adulting needs continued spiritual growth. The quest shifts beyond just meeting life goals and navigating life chapters, pointing to and living for ourselves, to living as a light with purpose through life goals and chapters, growing closer and pointing others to the answer for hope and life. All the details of our precious life need a woven in Jesus.
Brittinni Bailey
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  1. Sydney Meek | 1st May 18

    Love this! So humbling to think about every earthly thing we gain in the world, and rarely ever give Jesus the credit. Thanks for sharing!

    Sydney Meek | meeklyloving.com

    • Brittinni Bailey | 9th May 18

      Yes. Thanks, Sydney! 🙂

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