That Special Plant

As with animals, it’s hard to choose the pick-of-the-seedling.  I love and want them all.  One special plant in particular means a little extra to me.  Plants are one of those simple things in our midst that not only contribute to beauty and health in our home, but also love and joy that can easily go unnoticed or become forgotten.  

It’s a health decision to improve indoor air quality; promote a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere; de-stress our home; help reduce background noise; and remove toxins from our home.  They become part of our family.  God’s hand in creation is not only all around me outside, but also within reach and intimately in my home.

I don’t have the greenest thumb. A growing area for me.  My success tends to be with indoor plants at this point.  I’m glad low-maintenance ones exist.  I adore all my greenery, but one fella stands out:

My Pothos.


Middle stages.


He’s special because I’ve had him for about seven years.  He’s one I’ve been able to keep alive. He’s been through a move to another city.  He’s been a great roommate locking in memories with friends and family in two cities.  He’s shared in new manager roles at work.  He’s grown so big and strong, needing a new pot size.  He’s been there for movies, sports championships and world events, reading on the couch, chats with family and friends, and home workouts.  


Current day.


Do you have a special plant?

I’d love to know which one and why.  Maybe it’s one you were able to revive.  Perhaps your first plant.  Or one you got or gave away as a gift.  Maybe one associated with buying your first home. Or one that chills out office life.  Maybe one that makes you think of all the packed soil under your fingernails.  Or one you put in a lot of work and attention to get it to where it is today.  Perhaps one that always gets included in your nursery cart. 

Share in the comments section below!  If you also have a picture, feel free to post it on the Layered Living Facebook page post feed.  


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  1. Mihaela Echols | 17th Aug 17

    I only do flowers in the house and pick them from our garden. But lately I have been eyeing succulents. They look so cute!

    • Brittinni Bailey | 17th Aug 17

      How special to pick them from your very own garden!   

  2. Allyson | 30th Jun 17

    We have a corn plant that my husband got from his grandfathers funeral in 1980. It’s about 7 feet tall now and in spite of our neglect over the years is doing great! Pretty tough!!

    • Brittinni Bailey | 4th Jul 17

      Wow, that’s quite a long time! It’s lived through a lot, thanks for sharing! ??

  3. amber condon | 24th Jun 17

    Your plant is a happy one, growing so nicely! I especially love the plants I have on our lanai. My favorites are two beautiful peace lilies that were sent when our mother passed away. They continue to grow and bloom and I repot. I love looking at these plants, they always bring a smile and another memory of her wonderful life, full of beauty and requiring so little to be happy. Thanks so much for sharing. ??

    • Brittinni Bailey | 25th Jun 17

      Thanks for sharing, Amber! Glad to hear about your special connection to your peace lilies that keep on giving. 🙂

  4. Melissa | 24th Jun 17

    My mom gave me a tiny baby spider plant in a pot that strategically matched our brand new living room decor when we had moved into a new house. That tiny baby has moved up 3 pot sizes and is now so large that it produces its own new “plant babies” regularly. I clip them off and nurture them and plant them in their own pots and even give them away to special friends and family so I can spread the love! That original pot, the one my mom gave me that matches our living room, now holds its third baby plant and sits right next to the much larger original plant that it once housed. Both the original plant and original pot are very special to me, and I think it’s amazing that the pot continues to nurture baby plants, then they outgrow it and move on and it nurtures another. Maybe it’s a magic pot… or a magic plant, who knows? But that thing just keeps growing and growing and reproducing and now there are pieces of that same plant all over the homes of my friends and family!

    • Brittinni Bailey | 24th Jun 17

      That’s so neat! Thanks for sharing the story behind your special, magical plant! Quite the legacy filling your home and many others with joy. 🙂

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